Deep Shadows MUSH

The First Shadowrun 5th Edition MUSH

Welcome to 'Deep Shadows MUSH', let us introduce you to the world where the neon-lit, chrome-infused world of Shadowrun thrives. This ain't just another matrix sim, it's your passage into a universe where magic-fueled dragons roar in boardrooms and cyber-enhanced street samurais prowl the back-alleys.

Peek behind the towering megaplexes of steel and glass that reach the smog-choked skies. Here, shadowrunners – deckers, mages, riggers, and sammies – operate as unseen pawns of mega-rich corporations. They run the shadows, execute black ops, wage silent wars, and manipulate the digital and physical realms to their advantage.

Criminal syndicates carve out territories in parallel, each with its own coded laws and sinister motives. In this dystopia, loyalty is a chip on the bargaining table and backstabbing is a currency often exchanged.

In 'Deep Shadows', you're not a Nuyen-chasing wageslave, but a prime player. Whether you’re a jacked-in decker swiping secrets from the matrix or a power-playing suit in a high-rise, you're a weaver of the ever-changing tapestry of the Sixth World.

Our MUSH, meticulously crafted with cyberpunk aesthetic and arcane secrets, is designed for impact. Each Matrix run, each shadow op, each district you claim echoes in the world around you. Here, your actions aren't mere ripples in the pond, they're potential megapulses set to shake the megaplexes.

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